Tecnica Rolling System is a system comprising three zones, each with different features based on the different areas of the foot and the way they move. Traditionally, shoes are divided into two parts: the rear 1/3 (from the heel to the arch of the foot) and the front 2/3 (from the arch to the tip). Tecnica Rolling System turns these proportions around: the rear part of the shoe accounts for 2/3, ensuring better impact absorption, and earlier and more complete contact with the ground, and providing a more fluid roll without any dispersion of energy, and a continuous grip.

The forward-transmission of energy is guaranteed by the shoe’s total continuity, achieving maximum rolling in the front area, (1/3 of the shoe) and allowing for greater forward propulsion, while expending less energy, reducing fatigue and improving performance.

Tecnica Rolling System is the fruit of lengthy biomechanical research performed at the CERISM Sports Science Laboratory in Rovereto, one of the most important international research centres specializing in Bioengineering and Hu-man Movement.
The benefits of the TRS system for the performance of outdoor athletes have been proven with hundreds of hours of testing and a series of laboratory analyses simulating various different conditions, showing reduced muscle fatigue, better ground contact and dispersion of pressure on the muscles and joints.